​Dustin Hansen, Author - Illustrator - Gamer

It's time for Microsaurs : Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack! That's right, book 2 in my book series is ready to be delivered to your doorstep!

And...that's not all. If you pre-order and email me (dustin@dustwrites.com) the info/proof, I have something super special to share with you. What is it, you might ask. Go ahead. Ask. I'll wait.

What do we get if we pre-order?

Well, you get original Microsaur art sent to your YOUR HOUSE! Autographed by the Illustrator, (if I can talk him into it). That's right. One drawing of the Microsaur of your choice, sent to your lovely little mailbox.

But wait...There's MORE!?

That's right. There is MORE. If you order both book 1 (Microsaurs :Follow That Tiny-Dactly) and the new book, I'll not only send you a drawing, but I'll draw a picture of the young reader of your choice hanging out with said Microsaur. How about that for a good deal.

So...whatcha waiting for? Order away, and get your free art!

Better hurry - offer expires on July 18th, because after that...well, it isn't a pre-order any longer.

Adventure awaits!