​Dustin Hansen, Author - Illustrator - Gamer

Microsaurs: Follow That Tiny-dactyl! 

After an encounter with a tiny-pterodactyl,  Danny and Lin follow the little critter to a secret lab where they find a microscopic world filled with adventure, important secrets, and even a little danger!

Inside they meet Professor Penrod,  who shows them that the most massive creatures to ever roam the earth, the dinosaurs, didn't actually go extinct, they evolved to the tiniest, and most adventurous, and most playful friends a science loving boy and his dare-devil best friend could ever hope for!

Microsaurs: Tiny-Raptor Pack Attack - Available July 18!

Danny and Lin are expert secret keepers. They’re brave, smart, and maybe a little bit crazy. Which, as it turns out, is exactly what you need to be to take care of a rare collection of hungry, curious, extra-tiny dinosaurs.

But when their friend Professor Penrod sends them a mysterious package filled with toothy, scratchy microsaurs hungry enough to chew through walls, along with a very large microsaur egg, even the bravest adventurers might find themselves outnumbered and in over their head.

Honey, I Shrunk The Kids meets Jurassic Park in this fabulous illustrated chapter book series by Dustin Hansen.